International Health Insurance - Study Abroad Insurance

Health care costs to the first euro

Reimbursement of your medical expenses at the first euro and without deductible, coverage of your hospitalization expenses on a simple phone call.

Medical assistance and repatriation

Medical assistance and repatriation at actual cost, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, anywhere in the world with a simple phone call.

Insurance for your luggage

Included in your contract, the insurance of your luggage, your sports equipment and your computer laptop.

Civil Liability - Private Life & Internship

You are insured against damage you cause to others in the context of private life and internships.

International health insurance for your internships and studies abroad, the ideal solution to study and travel around the world with peace of mind as a student


Why buy travel insurance ?

When you go abroad to study, do an internship in a company on the other side of the world or simply take a language course, whatever your destination, French social security or your bank card insurance are not enough! Indeed, very often the amounts covered are insufficient and the duration of coverage is far too short.

Even more, for some destinations, obtaining a visa to enter the country is conditional on taking out travel insurance.

Similarly, many schools and universities around the world require an international student insurance when you register. This insurance must imperatively cover at least health expenses (illness and hospitalization) as well as civil liability (private life and internship).

For all these reasons, it is therefore highly recommended that you take out student travel insurance before going abroad.

Who can be insured ?

Our travel insurance contract is intended for students of all nationalities who are under 35 years of age when the contract is taken out and who reside in the European Economic Area, Switzerland, Andorra, Monaco, the DROMs (Overseas Departments and Regions) or the COMs (Overseas Communities).

For what destinations ?

The warranties apply worldwide. Please note that the country in which you are staying or traveling must compulsorily be different from the country of your domicile. Are excluded, in general, all countries in a state of civil or foreign war, notorious political instability, experiencing popular uprisings, riots, acts of terrorism, reprisals, restrictions on the free movement of persons and goods ( whatever the reason, in particular health, safety, meteorological, etc.).

Duration of stay / trip

We insure all your stays, internships and trips abroad for a minimum period ranging from 1 day to 12 months maximum (renewable contract under certain conditions).

Studies and internships

Working Holiday Program (PVT) / Working Holidays (WHV)

International solidarity volunteering (VSI)

Au pair


Type of stay we provide

Our travel insurance contract, covering health costs at the First Euro without deductible, international repatriation assistance, damage that you cause to third parties within the framework of your Private Life and Internship Civil Liability cover, as well as the insurance of your luggage, is perfectly suited for students in cases following :

• During a study trip abroad, to a university, school or language organization.

• During an internship abroad, in a company whether your internship is paid or not but always subject to an internship agreement (including for apprentices).

• DAs part of continuing professional training taking place abroad.

• An "au pair" job in a host family, with the aim of learning or perfecting a foreign language.

• As part of the Working Holidays Program (PVT), or a Working Holidays Visa (WHV), which allows you to work during your trip to finance it.

• Within the framework outside the European Economic Area (EEA) of a international solidarity volunteering (VSI) with approved associations.



Our student travel insurance contract guarantees and covers for the duration of your stay :


Managing your distance contract
Gapi Members App

Simple and fast, thanks to the Gapi Adhérents health application, we accompany you on all your trips around the world !

Via your smartphone, carry out all your procedures in a few clicks !

• Consult the personal information of your contract,
• Photograph and send care invoices,
• Track your reimbursements in real time,
• Contact the hotline by phone or email,
• List emergency phone numbers,
• With a simple phone call, notify and trigger repatriation assistance,
• Geolocate yourself and list the nearest doctors, clinics, hospitals in your geographical area, leave a review in order to share your experience with all expatriates in the area.
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